Business Opportunities – 5 Quick Money-Making Ideas I “Stole” at Walmart

February 12th, 2021 by dayat Leave a reply »

Home business ideas can strike anytime, anywhere. Here are five that struck me like lightning while I was browsing through my local Walmart this afternoon.

Windshield Maintenance

The automotive department is spilling over with sprays, gels, and oddball tools for the cleaning and repair of car windshields.

It occurs to me that as regularly as I have my vehicle serviced, its windows usually go neglected. I must have the most dirty, pitted windshield in town!

You know, it’d be worth $20-30 to have someone come to my house once every four to six weeks to do “maintenance” on the windshield of my car. Interested?

Family Oral Histories

The variety of audio and video recording equipment available today is extraordinary. And not awfully expensive! With some simple digital equipment at hand, you can launch a viable business, recording oral histories for local families — Grandma reflecting on her childhood, Dad recalling his military service, 10-year-old Philip talking about his dreams to be grown up.

These are all things you can capture on audio and/or video that any family will treasure for many generations. And you can get paid for it!

Bicycle Tours

Bicycles and bicycle accessories got me thinking: why not offer bicycle tours?

If you live in a resort community that draws lots of visitors, cash in on that. Many vacationers will love a guided tour via bicycle. You don’t even have to supply the bikes! Partner with a nearby renter of bicycles, offering your tour guide services as a nice “extra.”

Backyard Furniture Assembly

So much lovely patio furniture is available — and so much of it sits in boxes, unassembled, in garages around the country!

Here’s another service I’d pay 20 to 30 bucks to have done, saving me the frustration and aggravation of doing it myself. Assemble enough of this furniture, and you’ll learn to do the task quickly and efficiently, maybe in just a few minutes. Me, I’ve spent up to three days piecing together a simple set of chairs.

Decorating with Artificial Plants

Silk flowers. Artificial cattails arrangements. Rattan baskets. Imitation grapevines and palm trees.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? As new office space opens up in your area, so does the opportunity to help people decorate those spaces attractively — with low- or no-maintenance plants and floral displays.

Let your imagination soar!

Spend enough time strolling through your nearest department store,


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